Banquet Halls

Main Rooms


The Atrium’s Room: 260 situated 325 standing mixed drink
(3900 sq/ft, 83′ x 47′).
Heaps of daytime normal light radiate through our Chamber windows and gleaming lights outline the region around evening time. The Chamber Room faces the lakefront occasion deck and approaches the outside gardens.


Room on the Terrace: 230 situated 300 standing mixed drink
(3300 sq/ft, 60′ x 55′)
Our triple wide gem ceiling fixture focuses this fabulous occasion room. Bunches of set up designs choices with a focal dance floor. Four French entryways give admittance to the outside nurseries and lakefront occasion deck.


Domain Room: 170 situated 225 standing mixed drink
(3000 sq/ft, 55′ x 55′)
Shone white walls, white marble tiles and different French crystal fixtures is the ideal decision for medium estimated extraordinary occasions. This shocking space will change into vast subjects and variety blends with our enhancements drove lighting choices.


ESSEX 75 situated 100 standing mixed drink
(1656 sq/ft, 45′ x 37′)
The ideal space for your personal extraordinary occasion or great mixed drink party gathering. When special friends and family gather, the enormous mirror-backed bar serves as the center of attention.


Garden Room: 75 situated 100 standing mixed drink
(1656 sq/ft, 45′ x 37′)
A wonderful corridor to have a warm and extraordinary occasion or fantastic mixed drink party gathering. Set up a dance floor or seat your visitors in any format you want.

Outdoor Event Space

Lakefront Deck: 200 Standing Mixed drink Occasion or 120 situated.
Party under the Stars on our lakefront occasion deck

Deck Tent: 200 Standing Mixed drink Occasion or 120 situated.
Keep the components under control nevertheless party the night away with your open air mixed drink or gathering party under the tent.

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